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10" X 2.5" 1 Micron Chloramine Carbon Block Filter

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10" Chloramine Reduction Carbon Block Water Filter For Reverse Osmosis Koi.

The 10" Chloramine carbon block cartridge effectively reduces and removes chloramine and chlorine from your water as well as removing any bad taste and odour.This cartridge should be ideally used as the last stage of filtration, after your 5 micron PP Sediment Filter and/or GAC carbon filter cartridge to ensure optimum performance and filter life.

Product Features:

-Made with WRAS Approved materials

-NSF / ANSI 42 Certified

This filter is ideal for use in a wide range of aquatic applications as well as in-home brewing and hydroponics, with a filter life of 6 months.

Technical Specifications: Filter size: 10" Micron rating: 1 micron Flow rate: 1.9lpm Free chlorine reduction (2ppm): 19'500 Chloramine reduction (3ppm): 15,000 Why remove chloramine? Chloramine is being used more frequently in water distribution systems as an alternative to chlorine. Chloramine is a combined mixture of ammonia and chlorine and can be toxic when exposed to aquatic life at certain levels.