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BiOrb Moss Pebbles

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  • The biOrb decorative tanks CUBE, TUBE, LIFE, FLOW, CLASSIC and HALO can be beautifully designed with this extremely natural-looking moss gravel. Each set contains approx. 8 to 10 stones made of marble pebbles.
  • Each stone is individual and is suitable for the unique design of the aquarium ground. The green marble stones transform every aqua pool into a great underwater world.
  • The aquarium stones are unique accessories that can be used to create a lifelike seascape. The rock is a must to beautify the bottom ground of the aquarium.
  • Thanks to the high-quality workmanship, the decorative stones are durable, robust and safe. No harmful substances are released into the water.
  • The aquarium decoration from OASE is easy to clean and can be replaced quickly. The marble stones can be wonderfully combined with ornaments and silk plants.