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Biorb Mushroom Trunk Ornament

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  • DECORATIVE WOOD FOR AQUARIUMS : T he high-quality OASE biOrb Mushroom Tree Stump Ornament (12 cm x 10 cm x 22 cm) is an artificial mushroom-covered, detailed tree trunk for aquarium decoration
  • BIORB - ACCESSORIES: The sculpture is suitable for the CUBE, TUBE )FROM 30 l) LIFE, FLOW (30 l), CLASSIC (from 30 l) and HALO (from 30 l) and can be used to encase the airflow column
  • FAST INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE: The wood-effect figure - is quickly placed in the desired location and remains secure thanks to the base - easy to clean without removing the paint
  • ART IN AN AQUARIUM : The richly detailed decoration was designed by renowned artist Samuel Baker, who is known for capturing the beauty of nature in fascinating ways Depicting miniature worlds
  • BIORB AQUARIUM DECORATION: The OASE biOrb aquarium decoration sets offer limitless creativity and a wide range of possibilities for fascinating underwater worlds with a unique style