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BiOrb Sea Shells White

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  • The lifelike shells are suitable for the biOrb decorative tanks CUBE, TUBE, LIFE, FLOW, CLASSIC as well as HALO and give them a beautiful marine look.
  • The aquarium decoration is made of ceramic and a must for every aqua tank. In this way, an underwater world can be created as if by nature.
  • The Shell 3 piece set is a unique accessory and impresses with a detailed, high-quality finish. The natural-looking decorative elements add structure to the substrate.
  • Inspired by nature: The aquarium decorations have been lovingly designed to show the unique beauty of landscapes in a miniature underwater world.
  • The aquarium decoration from OASE is easy to clean and can be replaced quickly. The shell figures can be beautifully combined with silk plants, ornaments and decorative stones, for example.