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Ciano Aquarium 60 LED Black *New*

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Ciano Aqua LED 60 PLUS Black Aquarium 65 Litre

The sensational Ciano Aqua LED 60 Plus Black is a taller aquarium in the Aqua 60 range and offers hobbyists a complete plug & play system to get instantly set-up and running.

Designed with this contemporary shock-proof plastic frame, the Ciano Aqua 60 is incredibly hardy and has been developed from a selection of high-grade materials to promise's longevity and robustness. The tank comes complete with LED lighting, a biological filter and a heater.

The Ciano Aqua LED 60 Plus aquarium can also be used for aquatic plant keeping. Ciano's innovative Ciano 8w CLA60 LED lighting is installed neatly and securely into the hood for perfect light penetration. Ideal kelvin rating for plant growth and fish colouration.

The sleek and sophisticated design of the Ciano Aqua 60 Plus aquarium goes hand-in-hand with the modern aesthetics of the Ciano Aqua 60 stand, also available from our aquarium tanks and cabinets section. 


Size: 65 litre

Finish Black

A taller version in the Aqua 60 range

Dimensions, (Length x Width x Height) 600mm x 300mm x 372mm

Ciano CLA60 LED Lighting 8w

Ciano CF80 Internal Filter (1x M Water Clear Cartridge and 1x M Foam)

Ciano 50w Heater

Stylish stand available separately

Shock-proof plastic frame

Genuine Ciano product