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Evolution Aqua

Formaldehyde 1ltr

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Evolution Aquas Formaldehyde Treatment is a powerful, active, two-dose medication designed to treat parasite related diseases found in Koi Carp. Available in either a 500ml or 1 litre bottle, this medicine is effective against White spot, Costia, Chilodenella, and Trichodina.

Formaldehyde treatment should be used when Koi appear to be flicking or gasping for breath, parasites are visible or a cloudy mucus appears on your fish.

This medication is a two-dose treatment. UV bulbs will need to be switched off 7 days after last dose, and activated carbon/zeloite will need to be removed from filters. Please read the included instructions carefully.



500ml treats 2 x 16,250 litres (3,575 gallons)

1 Litre treats 4 x 16,250 litres (3,575 gallons)