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Infrared Bacteria Home Media

Infrared Bacteria Home 72x180

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The microscopic pores immediately ensure a rapid growth of high concentrations of bacteria, which greatly improves the water quality. The bacteria filter harmful substances such as nitrate, nitrite and ammonia from the water.

The material is very porous and slightly rough on the surface, so that the water that is sprayed over it is, as it were, polished. Because colonies of anaerobic (low-oxygen) bacteria can nest in the pores of this filter media, which take care of the conversion of nitrate to nitrogen gas, you could prefer this type of filter media to non-porous filter media.

Two types of bacteria are involved in the aerobic (oxygen-rich) conversion. The Nitrosomonas bacterium converts ammonia into nitrite and the Nitrobacter bacterium then converts nitrite into nitrate. Although nitrate does not immediately pose a health risk to fish, high doses are not desirable. High nitrate levels promote strong algae growth; this mainly occurs in the spring because the bacteria have not yet multiplied sufficiently.

Anaerobic bacteria are used to convert nitrate into nitrogen gas. This process can only take place in the absence of oxygen, i.e. at places in the filter media where little or no oxygen is present and can reach. The first step in this process is the reversal of the nitrification process. Nitrate is converted back into nitrite. The second step of the denitrification is the conversion of nitrite into nitrogen gas. (N2). This gas can then be released without causing any further damage to the environment.

Far Infrared Bacteria Home also provides an increased mineral and redox value. It also brings considerably more oxygen into the water than, for example, aerated bottom drains. Far Infrared Bacteria Home improves your water quality up to 16 times more effectively than aerated underwater filtration.

X20 in 1 box of 10 kg.

Thickness: 72 mm
Length: 180 mm