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Kockney koi

Koi Medic Dechlora 1ltr

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Topping up a pond is a task we all need to carry out at some point. Neutralising the harmful chlorine and toxins from the tap water should not be overlooked as untreated tap water can be harmful to pond life.

Pond Medic Dechlora is formulated to quickly neutralise chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals from tap waterready for addition to the pond. This dechlorinator tap safe treatment is harmeless to all pond life, filters and plants.

Full instructions are supplied on the bottle

Dechlorinator Bottle Sizes

  • 250ml - treats 17000 litres
  • 500ml treats 34000 litres
  • 1000ml treats 68000 litres
  • Pond Medic Dechlora is an essential additive to make tap water safe for the pond.
  • Neutralises harmful chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals such as zinc, copper and lead
  • Safe for all pond life and filters