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Kusuri Formalin 1ltr

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Kusuri Formalin

Kusuri Formalin is used normally, with Kusuri Malachite green, and this aids the eradication of White Spot, it strips off some to the protective mucus layer on the fish thus allowing the Malachite Green to work …

Kusuri Malachite green and Kusuri Formalin are the best treatment for common external parasitic infections.

Never add Kusuri Formalin to a pond which has a salt content.

Kusuri Formalin is a very active chemical and is best used with Malachite for the effective treatment of most single cell parasites including white spot,

We do not recommend the use of Kusuri Formalin with any salt in solution. Kusuri Formalin is for use above 10c (50f) dosage 75mls per 1000 gallons.

One more thing, please make sure you have plenty of Oxygen in your pond when using Kusuri Formalin and Kusuri Malachite.


  • 250ml treats 15,116 litres (3,325 gallons) of pond water
  • 500ml treats 30,232 litres (6,650 gallons) of pond water
  • 1 litre treats 60,463 litres (13,300 gallons) of pond water