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NT Labs

NT Koi Care Paramedic Kit

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The NT Labs Koi Care Paramedic Kit is quite simply first aid for fish. It comprises of everything you will possibly need to treat a wound, whilst also providing you with vital pieces of equipment to look after your fish when they are in need of help. The innovative kit bucket from NT Labs comes complete with a detailed instruction booklet allowing you to be able to quickly diagnose a parasitic infection!

The Paramedic kit has been developed to treat any cuts, abrasions, or ulcers on the exterior body surface of Koi Carp, and all other types of fish in all types of pond. It contains three separate components, Koi Calm - a sedative to make the fish easier to handle, an Ulcer Swab, to clean and disinfect damaged skin, and Wound Seal, an antiseptic sealant.

When used as directed in the manual these products provided in the NT Labs Koi Care Paramedic Kit Bucket will provide a safe and fast-acting wound treatment package to disinfect, seal and promote your fish's natural healing process. NT Labs Koi Care Paramedic Kit contains: Koi Calm, Ulcer Swab, Wound Seal, Cotton Swabs, Gloves and Treatment Guide.