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Oase AquaOxy 4800

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The Oase AquaOxy 4800 is one of the larger air pumps they manufacture and is perfect for medium to large sized pools.

Releasing 4800 Litres of air per hour and using only 60 watts, the pump will aid filtration and optimize the oxygen levels for the fish and pond fauna and flora , this will be beneficial to the health of your fish.

The Aqua Oxy pump can be safely used and stored outside as the unit is splash proof this is all thanks to its modern motor protection technology.

Air bubbles, that diffuse oxygen and circulate water, rise from four submerged air stones attached to 5 metres of hose. This all that's needed for ponds up to 50,000 litres.

Each Air stone can be controlled using the supplied manifold allowing you to optimise the pump use.

Oase integrate German engineering expertise into all their products, the result is excellent reliability and that's why the AquaOxy 2000 is guaranteed for two years.