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Superfish Pond Clear 12000 Kit

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  • or ponds up to 12000 litre with in built 13 watt UV lamp complete with filter brushes, foam and bio balls.
  • Two chamber filter.
  • 11300 litre per hour maximum water flow.
  • 13 watt UVC built in to lid.
  • Inlet hose tail accepts 25/32/40 mm hose, for optimum flow use largest hose possible.
  • 80mm Outlet
  • 4m Cable (No Plug Fitted as this contravenes UK building regulations)
  • Dimensions 55 x 38 x 43 cm
Typical location for Gravity Fed Filter (the image is for set up illustration only it does not show the filter model on offer)

The image below is shown as a guide to the typical location of a gravity fed pond filter. Water is pumped from the pond to the filter where it first passes through a chamber containing a UV lamp. This lamp destroys green algae cells and over roughly two to four weeks will clear the pond water (assuming you have fitted the correct size filter for your pond). Please note the colour of the water leaving the filter will not be instantly clear but over time clarity will improve. As the UV kills the algae it will form a dust and should be removed from the filter sponge, failure to keep the sponge clean can result in blockages and the filter overflowing.
Gravity filters should be situated close to the pond or can be placed at the top of a waterfall or cascade. Once water leaves the filter it can only run down hill and you should never add more than the small length of hose to the outlet as this may cause flow problems.
Filters should be run 24/7, putting a timer on your system WILL PREVENT biological activity and mean your filter will act as no more than a strainer and the water will not be purified, the bacteria that do the job of converting toxic fish waste into harmless compounds cannot live without flowing water.