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SuperFish TopClear Pond Filter 15000

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The Superfish TopClear pressure filters are a unique 3-step pond pressure filter. First of all filter foam provides the mechanical
filtering, which removes larger particles and debris from the water. Then in the second step bacteria in the Bio-Balls provide the
biological purification to break down waste products. Finally a built-in UVC steriliser provides control of algae and works to prevent against diseases.

Superfish state that if added to an existing pond the built-in UVC, clarifies your pond water within a fortnight. The external top mounted UV indicator in the lid means you can easily check whether the UV lamp is on without having to open the unit. Also included is a flow indicator which shows the flow rate, so you can see when the filter needs cleaning. Cleaning is made easy thanks to the Auto Clean Wash function.

This product has a 2 year warranty 

Product Specifications

TopClear 5000 TopClear 10000 TopClear 15000
Max Pond Volume 5000L 10000L 15000L
Max Pump Capacity 2500L/Hr 3500L/Hr 5000L/Hr
UVC 7w 9w 11w
Inlet 14/20/25mm 25/32/40mm 25/32/40mm
Outlet 14/20/25mm 25/32/40mm 25/32/40mm
Size 34x34x40cm 35x44x46cm 35x44x58cm