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Takazumi Mix

Takazumi Mix

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A complete and balanced professional koi food with all the nutrients for a healthy life, optimal, fast growth and intense colouring. Takazumi Mix is ​​a high-quality food that does not cloud the water.

Due to the combination of two top foods – Gold Plus and High Growth – the colour development and growth of the koi will be optimal. Astaxanthin strengthens the pigment of the koi, making the colours stand out better.

Due to the high digestibility (about 80%), the filter system is less loaded and the water quality improves. The granules are floating, which ensures a clear and manageable feeding behaviour.


 Crude Protein Crude Oils Crude Fibre
40% 9.5% 2.4%
Crude Ash Carbohydrates Phosphorus
6.5% 31.1% 1.2%


Only feed from a water temperature of 10°C or higher.

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